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When I was younger I lived in Hopkinton, MA and as a kid I always found the town beautiful. With such a great history and all the great amenities in town, it’s a pleasure to say that I now get to work in the town that I remember so fondly growing up in. Hopkinton, Massachusetts is a town with a population of 14,504, and is located about 30 miles outside of Boston.  You may recognize Hopkinton as being famous for where the Boston marathon starts.  The Boston Marathon is the oldest annual city marathon in the world, and began in 1897.  The first Boston Marathon had 18 entrees, and it is estimated that 25,000 runners will finish the marathon this year on April 18, 2011. In 2009, Hopkinton was ranked by Money Magazine as number 19 of the best places to live in Massachusetts.  The criteria for this ranking included job growth, housing prices, property taxes, school test scores, commute times, air quality and services.  In response to this ranking in regard to Hopkinton as a real estate choice for potential buyers, I was quoted as saying, “It would likely move Hopkinton closer to the top of their list.  This is fantastic news that can only help sellers in Hopkinton.” While business has steadily grown around the Route 495 area of Hopkinton, some businesses have remained the same over the years.  Colella’s Supermarket, located in downtown Hopkinton, has been in business since 1945.  They recently underwent a third renovation to increase the footprint of the store in order to service the growing Hopkinton community. Carbone’s Restaurant has been serving quality Italian/American food for 78 years.  Three generations later, they are still serving delicious, well-prepared meals.  I remember dining at Carbone’s as child, and now I bring my children to carry on the tradition. Red Barn Coffee Roasters was established in the winter of 1997.  The owners began roasting coffee in an authentic New England style coffee barn in Hopkinton.  Today the Red Barn Coffee Roasters is the area’s largest specialty coffee roaster retailer-wholesaler.  They serve customers a high-quality, great tasting coffee by selecting only the finest coffee beans from around the world. All of the local businesses mentioned are just a sampling of the great amenities that Hopkinton, Massachusetts has to offer. Paired with the wonderful rural housing environment, Hopkinton, MA has always been a favorite place for homebuyers, and for me!